You agree to the Terms and conditions below when you signup for our Services
Last Updated 1st June 2018

   1. Legal authority to get into the contract : By signing up for EscrowIndia services , you certify and acknowledge that you (As individual/company) have the legal authority and, are of a legal age to initiate a contract with Escrow India & any 3rd parties as needed.

   2.  Escrow India shall not be liable for any direct/indirect or consequential loss or damage, or special,punitive or exemplary damages, or, loss of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings to the Parties due to any dealings done via . You Indemnify us from any potential loss  due to fraud/stolen sale or,  providing of fake/fraud identification by other party.  Escrow India shall also not be liable for any liability, losses, damages, costs, expenses, (including legal fees, court fees and professional fees), suits and claims that are finally judicially determined to have resulted primarily from the negligence or infringing action of any of the parties or any other person.

   3.   Incase we find that you've provided fraudulent/inaccurate information, We will have the right to Terminate/Cancel the deal or transaction between the parties.

   4. reserve the right to provide its services at its own discretion. This discretion however does not absolve our liability within the scope of our terms towards any existing transactions on our system.

   5.   For security of transactions on EscrowIndia and to safeguard commercial interests of both sides, EscrowIndia may seek verification from both parties to determine that the party(s) involved in the same are genuine and that our services are not being used for Money Laundering. You understand that withdrawal may be delayed for want of KYC Documents as deemeded necessary by our Billing Team. We do however assure of non disclosure of any such identification provided to us to any 3rd party unless required by the court of law.

   6. Once the deal is confirmed between the parties through EscrowIndia, we will have a right to take the fee from the parties as per the schedule laid down in Transaction terms. Incase there is a cancellation of any transaction, EscrowIndia will have right to deduct its fees should it be determined that the transaction has been cancelled due to negligence or un-professionalism on part of either of the parties.

   7. While we exhaustively verify each transaction before approving, it is no guarantee for any fraudulent activity in the same in future. Should the same be discovered during the course of transaction, EscrowIndia will have a right to cancel the transaction and recover any paid money. Our liability on such transactions is limited to our fees which would be refunded automatically by the system upon cancellation of the transaction.

   8.  All disputes are subject to New Delhi Jurisdiction

   9. While Escrow India will try its best to mediate in case of any disputes in transactions, the final decision of Escrow India will be binding upon all the parties.

  10. Escrow India will not be bound by a time constraint to complete the transactions as it  may require completion of several internal procedures and formalities for verification of the deposits and payments to be done.

  11. Any type of Tax(Income tax, Services Tax, TDS etc.) which will be applicable under the applicable laws will be borne by the individual parties for themselves. If Escrow India determines that any transaction has a tax liability which may have consequential effects on our entity, we would have the right to ask for settlement of such tax liabilities before the transaction is completed and payment released.